The Most Important Successes

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  • "Užice nekad i sad" - Best CD-ROM in Yugoslavia (Yugoslav Informatics Alliance, 1997)
  • "Ce De Bukvar" - Best Disc (International Book Fair in Belgrade, 1998)
  • "Earth 2000" - Annual Prize for Popularization of Geographical Sciences (Serbian Geographical Society, 2000)
  • 3 nominations for Serbian computer „Oscar“ (JISA)
  • The greatest acknowledgments of all domestic IT journals
  • Participation as guest lecturers at seminars, educational conferences, etc.
  • Compliments at educational meetings, as well as in graduate studies at teaching faculties
  • Participation at international books / education fairs (Belgrade from 1996-2008, Bratislava 2001, Skopje 2006, Didacta in Hannover, Stuttgart and Cologne from 2014-2018)
  • Participating in the "Developing Interactive Media" conference organized by the European Commission (Budapest 2001)
  • Since 2006, the partner of the German company co.Tec, (creation of educational programs and participating at the education fairs)
  • The most productive (over 45 original and as many localized editions) with over 150,000 disks sold and even more satisfied users, but unfortunately, even more pirated (over 500,000 illegal copies before we introduced user registration) publisher of educational software in Serbia
  • Multisoft with "Ce De Bukvar" program represented Serbia and Montenegro at the First World Summit of the Information Society organized by the United Nations (Geneva 2003 - Tunis 2005)
  • For more than a decade, it has been working on the localization of foreign educational programs in the Serbian language (over 50 localized titles have been published in that period)
  • Multisoft organized its own and from the Ministry of Education certified courses for educational workers, and a few years later (2008) it was the first in Serbia to publish online courses
  • Multisoft has localized dozens of world-wide training programs for lecturers (tools for lectures, tests and control of networked computers originally made in Korea, N. Zealand, Germany and the United States) and has made several specific hardware solutions that also improve teaching (unfortunately, without reaction in our ministries and schools)
  • In addition to the set of software tools ("Folders Creator" and "Projector Foils") that change classic graphs, as well as PowerPoint presentations, Multisoft digitized over 5,000 sheets (a set of "Digital Foils") originally made by German publishers Hagemann and co.Tec for German and Serbian markets.
  • The only Serbian company that participated in the 21st century at the Didacta education fair (Hannover, Stuttgart and Cologne, Germany)
  • The European Society for Education and Communication (ESEC) awarded the "My Book Machine" project "The Erasmus EuroMedia" quality stamp for "excellent production of media that contribute to the development of positive values ​​of European society" (Vienna , 2014)

The European Society for Education and Communication (ESEC) and The EuroMedia Awards honour media productions focusing on the discourse of European Societies and the promotion of European Values.

  • "My Book Machine Editor" was named the best educational tool at the education fair Didact a2015 in Hannover, Germany

Digita Awards Jury (translated from German to Englsih):

„The jury members are very pleased to be able to reward "MyBookMachine" as an important building block for the digital school. This tool allows publishing experiences of multimedia and interactive content designed a very strong impulse, because writers of all ages can apply the technical design means no big learning curve.

Even primary school children are able to use user-friendly tools for presenting their elaborations. Templates allow the combination of text, image, video, links and embedded interactions. The integrated editor-player authoring system allows verifing the state of development and the quality of a publication at any time during the manufacturing process.

For pedagogical reasons, the inclusion of sites with open or closed browser can be done, depending on whether the students have complete freedom of movement from the e-book out into the free Internet, or should be limited to safe websites. In a cloud, the self-created digital media are accessible next releases from other sources.

Quality of digital publication as travelogue, project presentation, cookbook or portfolio will depend of the media literacy of the users and users.

In the context in "MyBookMachine" incalculable prompts appear just very appropriate in terms of the target groups particularly addressed by this tool to observe the copyright laws in the manufacturing process.

The jury congratulates the "MyBookMachine" on winning the Digita 2015 and wishes the product the wide distribution it deserves.“

  • The "Society for Pedagogy and Information" awarded the "My Book Machine" to the "Comenius EduMedia" quality stamp for "an outstanding product in the field of ICT supported educational media" (Berlin, 2015)

The Society for Pedagogy and Information or 'Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information' (GPI), a scientific society for multimedia, educational technology and media didactics, awards the annual Comenius-EduMedia-Awards to outstanding products in the field of ICT-supported educational media. The awards were founded in 1995 and with the Comenius-EduMedia-Awards GPI supports pedagogically, creatively and in content outstanding ICT-supported educational media.

  • "My Book Machine Editor" has become an integral part of Intel's IER (Intel Educational Resources) educational application for Germany in 2015/2016 (which has only 8 programs)
  • In 2016, Multisoft made a contract with the German company co.Tec to create a new version of another Intel's recommended programs - "MasterTool" (due to the pandemic and health problems, the project was stopped after 3 years).
  • From 2016-2020, the German federal state of Hessen paid an annual licenses for "My Book Machine" (for all its schools and teachers).
  • From 2017 to 2020, over 60 German schools used the Multisoft application „My Textmachine Desktop Application“ (MyTextMachine, MySpreadSheet and MySlideMaster) as a fully functional but also a cheaper replacement for Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • In the first months of the covid pandemic 2020, we gave our youngest users about 33,000 copies of our programs worth $270,000


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Our programs for studentshttps://www.multisoft.rs/free_download/ms_za_djake.pdf

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