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Disk is pleasant to browse through because it is technically very well done and can measure up to better foreign disks.

Užice nekad i sad, Svet kompjutera, 1998.

The expert commission of the Ministry of Education reviewed the compact disk "Ce De Bukvar" by the author team of the company "Multisoft", Uzice. It was evaluated that this unique multimedia project can be useful as a teaching aid in achieving the contents of learning the alphabet, basics of mathematics, logic, as well as computer and aesthetic culture. The project is adapted for use in preschool institutions and lower grades of primary schools and as such we recommend it for use as a teaching aid.

Ce De Bukvar, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, 1998.

The first multimedia CD edition of the primer has apparently delighted our entire editorial staff. The joy in solving problems, accompanied by intentional mistakes and ovations for innocent comments by the speaker, only confirmed the thesis... Eight months spent on this project, numerous collaborators on individual segments (texts, music, actors-readers, singers, sound recording and processing), indicate a team that knows the rules in this business well.

Ce De Bukvar, PC Press, 1998.

The pioneering venture in domestic multimedia publishing, the first Yugoslav electronic interactive primer was signed by the company "Multisoft" from Uzice, which is known to our readers for the program "Uzice Then and Now". The work on the primer lasted for a full eight months and resulted in a brilliant multimedia guide through the alphabet and Serbian language.

… The user interface is simplified to such an extent that a child will quickly learn to use the program completely independently without anyone's help.

The technical characteristics of the program are commendable... Ce De Bukvar deserves a perfect score and enjoys all our recommendations.

Ce De Bukvar, Svet kompjutera, 1998.

The domestic company Multisoft from Užice has a significant role in promoting educational projects, which was once again confirmed by the release of "My first English dictionary". This CD from Multisoft's "For Children" edition helps to learn the basics of the English language through play in a simple and age-appropriate way, with as little effort and as much fun as possible. It is worth mentioning that the "CD Bukvar" was also created in the same multimedia workshop... Therefore, it is not out of place to repeat the words of the introductory song of this edition, which can serve as encouragement for a new project: "With a computer, everything is easier, a little work, a lot of imagination, now the computer entices children, learn letters by yourself".

Moj prvi engleski rečnik, PC Press, 1999.

The technical solutions, as in previous editions of "Multisoft," are in accordance with the most modern criteria. The impeccable design and intuitive user interface make the program simple and pleasant to use, so even younger users will have no difficulty working with it. Although it may sound dry, the numbers that illustrate the richness of the disk's content speak for themselves: there are over 4,500 quality drawings and photographs, 300 maps, 190 audio recordings of national anthems, more than 100 ethnomusicological recordings from around the world, and about 20 minutes of video material. The crown of the content is a quiz with over 700 questions in which users can test their knowledge in the areas covered by the program.

In any case, the 18,250 working hours spent on creating the disk (program)are justified to the last minute. Zemlja 2000 is a program that can be wished for!

Zemlja 2000, Svet kompjutera, 2000.

The battle against the lack of educational multimedia is being persistently led by Multisoft, a publisher from Uzice that has gained renown precisely by creating software for users taking their first steps in the world of computers... The latest achievement in the "For Children" series is titled "Cheerful Mathematics 1" and represents an interesting interactive exercise of the complete mathematics program for the first grade of elementary school. The technical solutions are in line with the highest standards. "Cheerful Mathematics 1," like previous Multisoft editions, features a striking graphical interface, an intuitive control system, and a rich sound background, all of which provide easy and comfortable work and eliminate the need for any parental assistance. As in previous editions, "Multisoft" has once again demonstrated that it has an ear for advanced ideas and solutions from experts who advocate for the reorganization of our school system.

Vesela matematika 1, Svet kompjutera, 2002.

"History - Ancient Times" contains about 3,000 illustrations, one hundred interactive maps (drawing cities, modern borders, etc.), and about 20 minutes of video material. The textual material covers 1,500 pages and 500 myths, a number that even the most serious historical encyclopedias would be proud of. As a supplement, a glossary of terms and an interesting knowledge quiz have been included. The user interface and graphic design deserve a high rating.

Istorija – Stari vek, Svet kompjutera, 2002.

"Visual Arts," as a comprehensive repository of data on the history of painting and sculpture, is intended for everyone who wants to better acquaint themselves with this field of creative human endeavor. We can freely say that this is an encyclopedic multimedia edition, which can stand shoulder to shoulder with the most famous electronic encyclopedias with similar topics published worldwide. Thanks to its scope and quality, this disc deserves to be in the collection of every educated person.

Likovna umetnost, Svet kompjutera, 2003.

The articles are richly illustrated with quality photographs that are linked to corresponding "ID cards" so that the user does not have to interrupt reading to become familiar with the basic characteristics of the animal species being read about. The graphic interface is fully adapted to the thematic structure of the program, and the quality of multimedia material is at a quite satisfactory level. In any case, "Mammals" are one of the highest quality animal encyclopedias in our language that every nature lover will truly appreciate.

Sisari, Svet kompjutera, 2004.

All praise to the authors for the effort put into collecting the data! All in all, lovers of sports history simply cannot miss "Ball"!

Lopta, Svet kompjutera, 2004.

Great care was taken in creating the user environment of the "Picasso" disc, so the program is easy and comfortable to use: navigation through program elements is done using stylized icons, and there are a large number of cross-references between sections in the biography and the gallery of pictures, which helps the user to gain a complete picture of the exciting life story and extensive work of the genius artist...

Pikaso, Svet kompjutera, 2004.

The program's user interface is similar to previous editions of the "For Children" edition and includes a rich graphical interface, original character drawings, a diverse sound background, and an intuitive control interface, thanks to which working with the program does not require knowledge of computer work.

The animated picture book "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is (as the authors say) an impressive combination of stories our grandparents listened to with picture books our mothers and fathers watched and read, cartoons and audio cassettes our older brothers and sisters used, packaged in new computer technology that we, kids born at the end of the previous or the beginning of this century, use...

Snežana i sedam patuljaka, Svet kompjutera, 2004.

The first edition in the new Multisoft edition "Virtual Classroom", which includes programs designed to introduce the most used software packages, is a good example of what a well-designed electronic school of Windows XP can look like.

Virtuelna učionica – Windows XP, Svet kompjutera, 2004.

"My First Computer" is an interesting, richly illustrated multimedia course in computer science that differs from similar electronic courses in that it is dedicated to children "from head to toe": simple language, well-designed interface, and interactive elements that keep attention make the program completely accessible to the target group of users, who will not need the help of more experienced users while working..

Moj prvi računar, Svet kompjutera, 2005.

All topics of the program "Virtual Classroom - Internet" are supported by simulations in which the user should independently repeat the lesson, following simple instructions, without fear of "breaking" something on the computer. In this way, the user will quickly, easily, and above all safely master the most important procedures such as sending and receiving e-mails, browsing websites, reading content, recording texts, photos, music, movies...

Virtuelna učionica – Internet, Svet kompjutera, 2005.

By maintaining the top quality and thematic diversity of its publications, the Uzice company Multisoft has gained a reputation as the most significant domestic publisher of multimedia software, especially when it comes to educational titles for schoolchildren. These titles, grouped into the Knowledge edition, do not lag behind modern world editions in terms of quality, while their content follows current educational programs in the Republic of Serbia.

Thanks to its high-quality design, well-selected and skillfully processed topics, "Earth 2005", in a package with "Virtual Classroom - Internet," was rated as the best educational program in our country. To remind you, the Serbian Geographic Society awarded "Earth 2000" the Plaque for Merits in Popularizing Geographic Sciences.

Zemlja 2005, Svet kompjutera, 2005.

The program's user interface is well organized and allows for a complete overview of options, text, and multimedia material. The graphical interface, including fonts and photographs, is thematically designed to evoke an archaic scientific project, giving the program a specific "flavor". The scope and quality of the illustrations are commendable, especially the rich collection of documentary photographs, including some rarities. All in all, "Nikola Tesla" is an exceptionally high-quality electronic reading material that will complement your library.

Tesla, Svet kompjutera, 2006.

"Mozart" is one of the highest quality multimedia stories about this artist on the global market... The user interface, like in the monograph on Pablo Picasso, is designed with great care, and thanks to the skillfully designed screens, browsing articles is a real pleasure... The program is well-organized and technically well-designed. Mozart's unusually prolific creative output is shown through almost 1000 windows... The program contains a database of all of Mozart's compositions, a dictionary of unknown terms, and about 1500 sound clips in MP3, WAV, and MIDI formats, with a total duration of over two hundred hours.

Mocart, Svet kompjutera, 2005.

"The Rolling Stones" is undoubtedly one of the most extensive electronic monographs on a popular band that can be found in the world. The program is well-organized and technically well-designed, easy to use, and thanks to its attractive graphic environment, it is pleasant to the eye.

Rolingstonsi, Svet kompjutera, 2006.

Three new titles from the Knowledge series (Music, Classical Music, and Rock Music) by Multisoft are dedicated to music. Rich content in concise form and high-quality technical realization are common features of all three programs that share a similar interface and a clear encyclopedic structure with options for searching text by keyword and dedicated galleries for easy browsing of multimedia material... The articles are concise and richly illustrated with documentary photographs, drawings, and sound clips..

Muzika, Svet kompjutera, 2006.

The European Society for Education and Communication (ESEC) and the EuroMedia Awards "welcome media production that promotes European society and values and award My Book Machine with the Erasmus Quality Label.".

My Book Machine - Evropsko društvo za obrazovanje i komunikaciju i Euromedia, Beč 2014.

"My Book Machine Editor" became part of Intel's IER (Intel Educational Resources) educational application for Germany in 2015/2016. (Explanation: Multisoft's MBM is among 7 recommended educational programs for use in all German schools; Multisoft is also working on a new version of the German program "MasterTool," which is also in the same group of recommended programs).

My Book Machine - Intel, Nemačka, 2015.

The jury members are pleased to have the opportunity to award the program "MyBookMachine" and declare it an important building block in digital schools. This tool allows for the creation of multimedia interactive content that can be a strong impulse in education, because everyone can participate in the content creation process, regardless of age and without the need for a great deal of technical knowledge.

Even primary school students are able to use this very "user-friendly" tool in creating and presenting content...

...The jury congratulates the "MyBookMachine" team on winning the Digita 2015 award for BEST EDUCATIONAL TOOL and wishes for the program to have a very large distribution and use, just as it deserves!

My Book Machine - Žiri digitalne nagrade Digita, sajam Didacta, Hanover, Nemačka, 2015.

The Society for Pedagogy and Information awards the MBM project the Comenius EduMedia Seal of Quality for an "outstanding product in the field of ICT-supported educational media".

My Book Machine - The Society for Pedagogy and Information and Comenius EduMedia, Berlin 2015.


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