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About Multisoft

Multisoft is a trailblazer in electronic publishing, and presently it leads the market as the top publisher of digital encyclopedias and educational software in Serbia. With access to hundreds of our multimedia programs, users can experience the following benefits:

  • Children aged 3-7 learn to read and write in Serbian or foreign languages through game-based learning.
  • Young elementary students take their first steps into natural and social sciences.
  • Older students receive high-quality teaching aids.
  • Professors gain modern multimedia tools for work.
  • Together, with older users eager to learn, everyone can enjoy our great multimedia encyclopedias suitable for the age of informatics!

Each of these programs, which is the result of several months of work (from 5 to 19 months) of programmers, professors and artists, has single-user (home) and several multi-user (school) versions that are updated and modernized almost every other year.

For more than 20 (twenty) years of working in this field (400,000 working hours!!), Multisoft has received the highest awards in Serbia. However, our multipurpose "My Book Machine" program received the greatest prize - The Best Educational Tool at the Didacta Fair (Hanover, 2015).

Since one of our programs is proclaimed the best in the country almost each year, then it is clear why our experts taught students, teachers and librarians at a large number of seminars, participated at international conferences (Budapest, Bratislava, Skopje), have stands at more than 10 international fairs, and Multisoft's Ce Ce Bukvar "represented our country in the field of education and entertainment at the First World Summit of Information Society (United Nations, 2003-2005).

Before the rise of social media, YouTube, Wikipedia, and other online platforms in 2006, Multisoft created digital encyclopedias that contained over 9,500 text pages, 43,000 illustrations, 7,000 minutes of audio, and 500 minutes of video. We recorded over 19,000 sound files with actors, developed over 11,000 quiz questions, and created about 500 animations and simulations. All of these were packaged into the best multimedia editions!

In 2008, we had accredited seminars for educators "To make each classroom multimedia" in which we summarize all our experience in working with children and educators. Several months later, this course was completed online by more than 700 professors (3 years ahead of the Ministry of Education's plan).

Since 2009, we have been developing programs for lecturers abroad, mostly in German, without forgetting that we do the same programs in the Serbian language as well. The work of cooperation with foreign partners is "My Book Machine", "Digital Folders" and "MasterTool", hardware solutions for "ordinary" and "digital" classrooms ("Portable IT Kits" etc.) as well as our complete functional versions of Word, Excell and PowerPoint (much cheaper than the original ones).

We have to boast of the fact that for the past two decades, we have been informatics literacy promoters: we have donated tens of thousands of programs, hundreds of courses, dozens of free lectures, we produced and managed computer shows on local TV and radio, donated the best students and blood donors, helped refugees and people with special needs.

In the spring of 2020, in the midst of a three-year crisis in which the government did not offer any support to our company, Multisoft once again demonstrated its social responsibility by allowing free use of our children's programs for a limited time period. Despite a lack of additional promotion, this initiative led to thousands of program downloads, totaling 33,000 copies valued at over $270,000.

We have never received support from any institution except the Open Society Fund (1997, 1999) and IRD/USAID (2002)! As pioneers in the fight against software piracy, we spent twice as much money on purchasing genuine software that we used for our entire company operations, than what we received from foreign donors.

After reading the reviews of our products (attached), you will be convinced that Multisoft has unparalleled experience in developing digital educational content in Serbia. If you take a closer look at our "My Book Machine Player", which comes in both online and offline versions for all operating systems and browsers, you will see that:

  • We are proficient in multiple programming languages
  • We have the capability to process high-quality multimedia and design
  • We can program and customize products for all major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Our products are compatible with computers, tablets, and phones, regardless of whether they are stored on the cloud or locally.

More information in our attachments, demo programs, Youtube movies and websites

We financed our educational projects by developing commercially viable software such as Accounting Software, HR Software, Specialized Software for Health Funds and Hospitals, Football Associations, District Cadasters and Geodetic Institutes, Factories, Data Acquisition from Analog and Digital Devices, Video Clubs, Driving Schools, Radio Stations, Bookmakers, Libraries, Domestic and Foreign NGOs, Bus Stations, and Schools. For many years, we also provided computer courses, sold and maintained computers and computer networks.


Complete PROJECT - Help Us Achieve Our Mission: Support Our Project Today! (multisoft.rs)

About Multisoft - About Multisoft

Our greatest successes - The Most Important Successes (multisoft.rs)

Excerpts from reviews and awards - The Most Important Reviews (multisoft.rs)


Our programs for studentshttps://www.multisoft.rs/free_download/ms_za_djake.pdf

Our programs for teachershttps://www.multisoft.rs/free_download/ms_za_skole.pdf

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